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3<title>IP Database</title><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
5<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/ip/ipdb.css">
6<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/ip/local.css">
11<table class="regular">
13<tr><td colspan=2 class="heading">Allocation Types:</td><tr>
15<tr class="color1">
16<td>Customer netblock (default)</td><td>A direct allocation /30 or larger to a
17customer.  Note that this does NOT include RADIUS-routed "netblocks".  Internal systems
18should use the "End-use netblock" type.</td>
21<tr class="color2">
22<td>Static IP - Server pool</td><td>A single IP from a pool designated for
24</tr><tr class="color1">
25<td>Static IP - Cable</td><td>A single IP address from a designated pool
26on the cable network.</td>
27</tr><tr class="color2">
28<td>Static IP - DSL</td><td>A single IP address from a designated pool
29on the DSL network.  Note that these are nominally in Sudbury or North Bay,
30even if the customer isn't.</td>
31</tr><tr class="color1">
32<td>Static IP - Dialup</td><td>A single IP address from a designated pool
33on a dialup RAS.</td>
34</tr><tr class="color2">
35<td>Static IP - Wireless</td><td>A single IP address from a designated pool
36on one of our wireless networks.</td>
39<tr class="color1">
40<td>Static pool - Servers</td><td>A pool of IP addresses available for one-by-one
41assignment to servers in a POP.  This will usually only be in Sudbury.</td>
42</tr><tr class="color2">
43<td>Static pool - Cable</td><td>A pool of IP addresses available for one-by-one assignment
44to customers on cable.</td>
45</tr><tr class="color1">
46<td>Static pool - DSL</td><td>A pool of IP addresses available for one-by-one assignment to
47customers on DSL.  Note that individual IPs will be "assigned" to the customer's
48city, but the pool they are a part of will normally be "assigned" to Sudbury or
49North Bay.</td>
50</tr><tr class="color2">
51<td>Static pool - Dialup</td><td>A pool of IP addresses available for one-by-one
52assignment to dialup customers.</td>
53</tr><tr class="color1">
54<td>Static pool - Wireless</td><td>A pool of IP addresses available for one-by-one
55assignment to customers on one of our wireless networks.</td>
58<tr class="color2">
59<td>End-use netblock</td><td>A /30 or larger allocation for arbitrary services (LAN
60management, servers we want fully subnet-isolated, etc)</td>
62</tr><tr class="color1">
63<td>Dialup netblock</td><td>Netblock assigned to one or more RAS units in a POP</td>
64</tr><tr class="color2">
65<td>Dynamic DSL block</td><td>Netblock for (mostly residential) PPPoE DSL.  Nominally
66"assigned" to Sudbury</td>
67</tr><tr class="color1">
68<td>Dynamic cable block</td><td>Netblock for (mostly residential) DHCP cable.</td>
69</tr><tr class="color2">
70<td>Dynamic WiFi block</td><td>Netblock for (mostly residential) (mostly) PPPoE wireless.</td>
71</tr><tr class="color1">
72<td>Dynamic VoIP block</td><td>Netblock for DHCP-assigned VoIP services.</td>
74</tr><tr class="color2">
75<td>Static IP - LAN/POP</td><td>A single IP address from a designated pool for our
76internal LANs - either at a single POP or for a VPN.</td>
77</tr><tr class="color1">
78<td>Static pool - LAN/POP</td><td>A pool of IP addresses available for one-by-one
79assignment to our internal LAN systems or VPNs.</td>
81</tr><tr class="color2">
82<td>Reserve for WAN blocks</td><td>Reserve a chunk of IP space for core routers/etc.</td>
83</tr><tr class="color1">
84<td>Reserve for dynamic-route DSL netblocks</td><td>Reserve a chunk of IP space for
85RADIUS-assigned "netblocks" from a PPPoE pool.  Note that this is similar to the static DSL
86pool, but IP space is to be allocated as /30 and larger netblocks, not single static IPs.</td>
87</tr><tr class="color2">
88<td>Reserve for ATM</td><td>Reserve a chunk of IP space for allocation to customers on ATM</td>
89</tr><tr class="color1">
90<td>WAN block</td><td>Individual netblock assignment for a core router.  Always taken from a
91block which has previously been reserved for such assignments.</td>
92</tr><tr class="color2">
93<td>Dynamic-route DSL netblock</td><td>Customer assignment for a RADIUS-assigned PPPoE
94"netblock".  Always taken from a block which has previously been reserved for such
96</tr><tr class="color1">
97<td>ATM block</td><td>Customer assignment for a customer on ATM.  Always taken from a
98block which has previously been reserved for such assignments.</td>
100</tr><tr class="color2">
101<td>Routing</td><td>Blocks not actually assigned to a service on their own, but which
102have been routed to individual POPs- typically /24, /23, /22</td>
104</tr><tr class="color1">
105<td>Master block</td><td>Our allocations from ARIN</td>
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