Changes to the IPDB
03/10/2005 Finally! Support for "container"/"reserve" netblocks to make tracking superblocks like easier. Also supports "dynamically routed DSL netblocks"; ie, netblock-aligned chunks of static DSL IPs with netblock-ish subnet masks such as
02/09/2005 Pool handling has been cleaned up - all PPP-ish pools (modem, DSL, WiFi) now generate a full list of IPs rather than reserving the network, gateway, and broadcast IPs necessary on a "real" subnet. They will also not display this incorrect and useless information.
01/27/2005 New cities/locations can now be added to the database here.
11/30/2004 Overhauled the city listings; they should be somewhat more complete now. Still needs a mechanism to easily add new cities.
11/26/2004 Allocating a static IP is now a little different. Use the "Customer Location" field to enter the customer's actual city, and use the "Route from/through" field to pick the POP or cable node the IP should come from.